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Essentials Starter Tool Kit

Essentials Starter Tool Kit

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So many Mudtools! Where does a new potter start? You have asked us which tools we recommend to start with and we’ve compiled our solution: The Mudtools Essentials. The clay heads at Mudtools have gathered together what we feel are the indispensable basics:

• 3 Polymer Ribs: R1, Y2, G4

• 1 Mudshark (color will vary)

• 1 Green Standard Cut-off Mudwire

• 1 Stainless Long Scraper Rib (12 teeth)

• 1 Small Mudshredder (color will vary)

• 1 Do•All Trim Tool

• 1 Mudsponge – Blue Workhorse

All neatly boxed up for you!
Perfect for schools, workshops or anyone new to Mudtools!

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