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Deep Dive into Handbuilding with Annie (5 weeks)

Deep Dive into Handbuilding with Annie (5 weeks)

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In this class you will do a deep dive into handbuilding clay. Learn to use our slab roller and extruded along with all the textures and tools we have for hand builders. All of your clay, tools, firings and glaze included. You will look to make 3-12 items (or more depending on details). TO ENROLL IN THIS CLASS YOU MUST HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED A VALID BEGINNER POTTERY CLASS! Upon completion, you will receive a complimentary Membership (regular cost $35).

All you need is your towel and comfortable shoes.

About Annie

    Using a combination of throwing, hand-building, slip casting and press moulds, Annie create textures, patterns and shapes from found objects in nature and repurposes them into new objects. The surface treatment is often a balance between control and spontaneity. She loves to experiment with different combinations and layers of glazes, bubble glazing, melted glass, underglazes, stains and oxides.  


Please note our studio is for individuals who are 18+. 

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